ocial media is a huge digital trend, and it’s only growing more. In the past year, social media usage increased by 13%, with many new social media networks and apps also popping up. It’s also one of the best platforms for marketing. You can reach a massive audience through sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

But with so many social media networks to keep up with, all requiring unique content and styles, it’s hard to manage it all at once. Luckily, these apps make it easy. Here are five apps to help with your social media management with our preference and what we use

Note that as Lexlab also work with Agencies as a white-labelled solution, we have a lens that takes into account how many users are included in each subscription. This allows for managers or business owners to approve posts before they are finalised for schedule.


HootSuite is one of the world’s leading social media management systems. Its straightforward user interface makes it easy to draft and schedule content across all your channels. It also gives you useful analytics to help with your social media marketing strategy.

You can use HootSuite online as well as on all Apple and Android devices. It makes it simpler than ever to manage your social media on-the-go.

Pricing is down the middle and competitive as an individual user, but can get pricey if you’re using it as an agency with multiple users and/or levels of approval.

Love the visualisations using the ‘stream’ view but the reason we don’t use it is due to the inability to schedule posts in Google My Business. Whilst you can manually it just ads an extra step which other platforms do more seamlessly. What we use must also make client lives easier so we see it as an unnecessary workaround.

What a great UI though!


Another popular choice for entrepreneurs and influencers to handle their social media channels. You can create content and customise it to suit different networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and many more.

It can also collect useful data on the best times to post each day and schedule your posts accordingly. It makes managing your channels easy so you can save time and make more money.

Once again, there isn’t an obvious integration with Google My Business, which is really crucial to building that EAT score for Google & SEO.

It’s available online and also has an app for Android and Apple devices.

Pricing is competitive, particularly for a business plan for $99 p/m with 25+ accounts and 6 users but that lack of integration of GMB + a fairly basic dashboard leave us wanting a bit more.

Sprout Social

Sprout is becoming more popular over time thanks to its attractive UI and helpful user features. It makes it easy to keep track of trends in your social media engagement, helping you to improve your marketing efforts and get more shares, follows, and clicks.

You can schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google My Business effectively and efficiently. Check out their website or use their app, available on iOS and Android for all devices.

After the free trial, it’s relatively expensive as an agency option when you need to add multiple users but our pick to use as an individual or business.

It also integrates Google Analytics which is a nice way of monitoring the on site affect of your content management plan.

If cost is not an issue, hit the button on SproutSocial


As a multi user option, Sendible is relatively cheap as it allows for up to 7 users for their professional package and over 100+ platform connections. This flexible, yet fairly basic interface will cover off most of you (and your client’s if required) social posting needs. It just won’t be impressing anyone with fancy User Interface (UI) or slick dashboard.

Engagement reporting is fairly detailed and gives a good aggregated view of your overall social performance, but once again, fairly basic.

What lets Sendible down is that UI, which just doesn’t stack up to the others on this list. It does however make up a lot of ground when it comes to cost and features.

Links to the various social platforms can break from time to time but that is generally caused by the social platforms more than these (*Cough* LinkedIn)


While not technically social media, WordPress has a whole bunch of plugins to help with your social media management. Since most entrepreneurs and content creators use this for their content marketing and SEO, why not use it to help with social media marketing too?

A plugin like Blog2Social can be added to your WP account instantly. It lets you post your content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even more niche channels like Tumblr, VK, and Flickr. You can customise your posts for different networks and use it to schedule posts automatically.

WordPress has mobile apps for all Google and Android devices. You can manage your content and social media online or on your phone.


Managing a variety of unique channels takes a lot of time out of your day, so use apps to help with your social media management. These tools make everything simpler and will improve your social media marketing.

Saying that, having experimented with the main players in this space, there is still a gap in the market when you balance cost and features. In a perfect world, Hootsuite would include better GMB integration and SproutSocial would be cheaper. For now, given we’re an agency who look for multiple users + maximum features, we’re using Sendible but are always re-checking with the platforms to move to the one that plugs the gaps.

For individuals, we’d lean towards SproutSocial as the UI is spot on, and the platform integrations include things outside of standard social (like Google Analytics, Google My Business) as standard. From an SEO perspective, this makes sense as your content plan needs to keep your content fresh and updated on as many platforms as possible.