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At Lexlab, we specialise in simplifying digital advertising across all channels, using our expertise to maximise the potential of each platform.

If you have preferred suppliers or tech, no problem – we’re completely independent and flexible in how we work.

And we take accountability seriously. By using our proprietary planning tool Lablogic’s live industry data and benchmarks, we ensure that every dollar you spend is allocated to the right place, and we’re committed to delivering real, measurable results for your brands.

— our services include

Online Video

Video advertising allows for emotional engagement and the ability to convey complex information in a short amount of time. Whether it’s YouTube, In-Stream, Connected TV or Social, Lexlab can guide you on the ad type, where and who to target to cost effectively meet your campaign objectives.


Display advertising works by reaching a wide audience, targeting specific demographics, and using rich visuals and specific messaging. Measurable results can be obtained through metrics such as view-through rates, click-through rates and conversions.

Using rich visuals and specific messaging, display (banner) advertising can cost effectively target audiences by demographics, location, and content environment. Lexlab have premium publisher website lists tailored to clients’ needs, and can also develop a display retargeting strategy for customers that have engaged with a client’s business.


Native ads are designed to blend in with the content of a website, and work especially well for clients with strong content such as blog articles. Lexlab can place your ads on highly relevant sites and target audiences, utilising the market leaders in this space.


Reach audiences while they are on-the-go, building emotional connections and targeting specific audiences through music streaming platforms and podcasts. Digital audio can also be used to cost effectively extend the reach of your radio activity. Lexlab can help you tap into the major audio channel publishers in a consolidated buy.

Digital Out of Home

DOOH allows for high-impact visuals on billboards, screens, and other displays in public spaces. Lexlab can programmatically buy inventory on major suppliers to create a customised campaign, dynamically delivering ads based on time, hyper-specific location and weather, with real-time adjustments to the ad campaign based on performance.

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— Agency Partnerships

We understand that media and creative agencies are faced with ever-increasing digital advertising demands, and don’t always have the in-house resources to meet these.

We work closely with agencies across Australia to help them with this. We’re flexible in our approach, style of engagement, platform use and commercial terms.

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— About Us

We Are Lexlab

Our Melbourne based digital advertising team takes a unique approach to helping clients navigate the complex world of digital advertising.

We understand that it takes effort and expertise to truly master this constantly evolving field, and we are committed to providing a set of safe hands to support clients to get an edge in today’s competitive online advertising environment.


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