Partnering With Australia's Leading Agencies

How We Work With You

We understand that media and creative agencies are faced with ever-increasing digital advertising demands, and don’t always have the in-house resources to meet these.

We work closely with agencies across Australia to help them with this. We’re flexible in our approach, style of engagement, platform use and commercial terms. Lexlab are happy to assist in the background or don your agency’s t-shirt, assist with a one-off project or act as your digital media team.

With our 20+ years in the digital media industry we’ve built strong relationships with media and tech partners, and know when and how to use them effectively. If you have particular platforms you’d like us to work with that’s ok too, we’ve worked with most of them along the journey.

Our agency partners are able to access the beta program for our proprietary AI powered predictive digital planning technology, LabLogic™.

What is LabLogic?

LabLogic transforms digital marketing for Aussie agencies by leveraging over $250 million of anonymised real campaign data.

This rich insight enables you to strategise and execute your paid digital campaigns across the entire ecosystem with confidence. By focusing solely on your campaign objectives, without any bias, LabLogic ensures every decision is data-driven. This unique approach maximises the impact of your ad spend, ensuring your strategy aligns perfectly with real-world outcomes.

Channel Ad Partners

Where Your Ads Run

Your favourite vendor not listed? We have it covered.