Harnessing Proven Ad Tech For Digital Advertising

We are constantly meeting with the market to test the best ad tech in the industry, weaving them together to amplify their power and capabilities for our clients. Working with Lexlab means you not only harness the most tried and tested technology for your digital advertising, but also integration support.


Lexlab’s proprietary digital planning platform utilises $250M+ of anonymised real campaign results, enabling data-driven strategic planning across the entire digital ecosystem.

By focusing solely on campaign objectives, with no platform bias, the impact of each ad dollar is maximised and your strategy will align with real-world outcomes.

Audience Research

Using our suite of audience tools, we help advertisers identify what their audiences are doing online and how best to target them, as well as in-depth competitor auditing and analysis. Setting them up for success in their digital advertising strategy and activations.

Data Visualisation

A customised dashboard updated with real-time performance data is created for every campaign we run. Our connectors allow us to pull in the information that matters most to each client, whether that’s performance KPIs, sales, leads, ROAS, bookings, or audience insights.

Programmatic Buying

We utilise a number of DSPs to buy and manage our campaigns, choosing the right fit for each of our clients needs to maximise efficiencies and ROI.

Marketing Mix
Modelling & Attribution

Our real time MMM technology enables us to measure the impact and effectiveness of marketing activities for advertisers of all sizes and verticals, providing rich visualisation and clear, actionable insights. Combining this with attribution modelling tailored to our client’s needs allows for data-driven campaigns that best align with their business objectives.

Safety & Verification

The quality, safety and validity of the activity we run on on each digital channel is paramount.

By using third party technology to monitor fraudulent activity such as invalid traffic, ad fraud, and brand-unsafe environments, we can ensure that campaign delivery is optimal.

Digital Data

With the transition to a cookieless future now imminent, we’re here to guide clients on how this will shift digital advertising strategies, including 1st party data use, data management, universal identifiers and analytic solutions.