Enhancing Digital Media Capabilities for a Leading Independent Agency.

Lexlab’s partnership with a leading Melbourne-based agency revolutionised their digital media capabilities, enhancing performance and operational efficiency. Delivery issues were eliminated, key performance metrics improved significantly, and our skill set enabled them to provide their clients with sophisticated activations across the entire digital ecosystem, supported by customised campaign dashboards.

Who They Are

A leading independent agency based in Melbourne, known for its extensive work across sectors such as FMCG, charity, retail, gambling, and travel. This case study maintains confidentiality while emphasising the agency’s comprehensive digital media strategies.


The agency faced difficulties with staff stability in specialised roles such as search and social media, impacting client campaign outcomes. Another significant challenge was achieving unified reporting across all digital channels to enable a holistic view of campaign performance.


Lexlab’s worked closely with the agency to become a ‘safe set of hands’ for their digital planning and buying, integrating with their workflows and processes, and becoming an extension of their media team. We dealt directly with clients when the agency required this, but the focus was supporting the media team as an internal facing resource, providing guidance when digital planning, transparency when trading, and clear campaign performance insights. With our operations team all Melbourne based digital specialists, we’re able to provide consistently high calibre, responsive support to the agency.


Lexlab developed tailored solutions for each client to effectively manage diverse needs. This included activating all digital media activity, integrating campaigns into an automated tracking and monitoring platform for consistent digital channel performance, and creating bespoke dashboards for real-time campaign tracking.

Our proprietary digital planning platform LabLogic was also provided to the agency media team as part of the partnership, to facilitate upskilling when digital media planning.

Lexlab’s commercial flexibility was a key differentiator, adapting to the agency’s client charging models with a low fee structure.

The support spanned across multiple channels, including Search, Meta, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, Native, Display, PreRoll, BVOD, SVOD, YouTube, Audio, and DOOH.

Integration of third-party ad serving unified reach measurement and conversion tracking. The incorporation of Double Verify and Integral Ad Science across key campaigns ensured enhanced ad verification and fraud prevention.

The Process

The engagement involved meticulous planning and execution, focusing on real-time campaign adjustments to ensure pacing within a strict 0.5% tolerance, and growth in performance based on previous campaign benchmarks. Implementing a comprehensive tracking platform was crucial for efficient operations, along with detailed real-time performance visualisation for each campaign.


In an 18-month period, Lexlab achieved:

  • Elimination of campaign over-delivery, maintaining a 0.5% tolerance.
  • 14% reduction in video/BVOD CPM, inclusive of management fees.
  • Over $100k annual savings on over/under deliveries.
  • Performance metrics surpassed by 11% on average.
  • Lowered overall CPMs by 18%, CPCs by 36%, CPVs by 8.4%.
  • Enhanced programmatic inventory quality using whitelists.