Honest Thief

Leveraging its LabLogic™ platform, LexLab masterfully orchestrated a high-impact digital campaign for Liam Neeson’s latest movie, securing its top box office position for two weeks through strategic video placements and real-time monitoring, despite challenges like continuous nationwide Covid-19 lockdowns.


We were tasked with generating targeted awareness in the latest movie release starring Liam Neeson, to ultimately drive ticket sales in cinemas across Australia. For this, Lexlab needed to utilise the most efficient digital channels for cost effective trailer views.

Due to the scale of the release and multiple cinema venues, we were unable to track final ticket sale numbers via our normal pixel implementation, which created a challenge for ticket based campaign optimisation.

Launching amid Covid-19 localised lockdowns would also require a nimble and modular campaign set up.


Our strategy involved utilising high reach digital video placements (including YouTube, On Demand Connected TV, Pre-roll and Facebook), while optimising to cost effective video views. Remarketing to those who engaged with our ads to encourage conversion was also a key focus.


The campaign had to also build genuine interest and ticket purchases during the pre release phase to secure ongoing support from the cinemas post release. We therefore needed a big opening weekend to maintain momentum going into week 2 and 3.


By leveraging the LabLogic™ strategic platform, we were able to build a custom budget and strategy split into each of the various ad platforms.

Several versions of the video trailer had to be created to adapt them to the various digital platforms and placements.

Channels included our On Demand deals with local Free To Air TV channels (9Now, 7Plus, 10Play, SBS and Foxtel) as well as a customised Entertainment based site-list and action/thriller based programming genres.

Budget was upweighted to the week prior to release date to drive ticket purchases and a give the best chance of a strong opening weekend.

Cross channel monitoring via our real-time dashboard looking at cost per completed video views and checkout initiation was key to maximise the efficiency of the media budget.

The Process

Effective measurement was key to measuring real time success for this campaign.

Custom Media Strategy

Effective measurement was key to measuring real time success for this campaign.

TV Extension

Digital video placements facilitated viewership of several trailer length cuts, and provided real time reporting on video view and completion rates.

Cross Channel Media Measurement

Our in-house team were able to run all the required channels (Social, YouTube, BVOD, Pre-roll) via our local Melbourne team which meant rapid response and control for key stakeholders.

Real-Time Reporting

Our custom real time dashboard allowed the client to monitor campaign performance and best performing audiences and creatives.

Our integrated Numero box office tracking was also added into the dashboard to provide a real time update on revenue.


  • Social
  • Display Pre-roll
  • YouTube
  • BVOD (Broadcast Video On Demand)
  • TV Extension Package


  • 5.9m Completed Video Views
  • 130k Clicks To Bookings Page
  • 4.5k Post Shares
  • 5k Post Comments
  • #1 Box Office Release For 2 Weeks Running

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