Nextbase Dashcams: Accelerating Sales Through Targeted Digital Campaign.

Nextbase launched a 6-month digital marketing campaign aimed at strengthening its market presence, with a keen focus on key retail periods including Father’s Day, Cyber Sales, and the Christmas season. The campaign confronted the challenge of enhancing brand visibility and driving in-store sales in a fiercely competitive market.


Breaking into a market dominated by well-entrenched competitors like Blackvue, Garmin, and Navman presented a significant challenge for Nextbase. The primary objectives were to amplify in-store sales and boost online product research, capitalising on pivotal retail periods to maximise consumer engagement and sales.


The strategy was centred on a comprehensive full-funnel marketing approach, harnessing insights from Similarweb, SEMRush, GWI, and LabLogic. This strategy aimed to propel consumers towards in-store purchases and online product exploration, with a strong emphasis on conversion tracking and impactful ad exposures.

The Process

LabLogic played a pivotal role in laying the strategic groundwork for the campaign. By leveraging over $20M in spend data and industry-specific benchmarks, LabLogic fine-tuned the channel mix to effectively meet the campaign’s objectives.


  • Sales Performance: Nextbase experienced a record-breaking sales period, with an average increase in sales of 2.4 times. Repco reported the most significant surge, with several stores running out of stock.
  • Website Traffic and Engagement: The campaign drove a substantial increase in website traffic, with 68% being new visitors. Engagement was high, with an average session lasting 3.5 minutes and users visiting over 5 pages per session.
  • Conversion Tracking: Although there was no pre-established baseline for conversion tracking, the campaign effectively steered traffic to retailer pages, aligning with the objectives of boosting sales.
  • Platform KPIs: All platform-specific KPIs were met or exceeded, including a completion rate of over 98% on BVOD and 75%+ on PreRoll ads.