University of Tasmania Enrolment Surge

Lexlab’s strategic digital marketing efforts have remarkably increased enrolments at the University of Tasmania. By enhancing the university’s appeal and awareness, Lexlab positioned it as a more attractive choice than mainland competitors.


Overcoming the mainland attraction for yndergraduates.

The University of Tasmania faced a significant challenge: it was often overlooked by undergraduate students in favour of mainland universities, especially those in VIC and NSW, which offered attractive scholarships to interstate students. The goal was twofold:

  • Engage the local and interstate market to consider UTAS as a premier educational choice.
  • Increase UTAS’s brand awareness and make it the top-of-mind choice for various faculties.


Research-Driven, Audience-Centric Approach.

Lexlab’s strategy began with comprehensive research into UTAS’s brand, audience, and current digital footprint. We aimed to enhance UTAS’s appeal to local students, while also attracting those from nearby states. This required a flexible approach to accommodate the unique needs of each faculty within the given budget.


Tailored digital footprint and channel mix.

By understanding the digital behaviours of two primary audiences – potential students and their parents – Lexlab crafted a custom channel mix that effectively reached and engaged them. This approach maximised budget efficiency and improved brand perception.

Key tactics included:

  • Deep research into audience cohort behaviour.
  • Embedding tracking in ‘Apply Now’ buttons and enquiry forms for accurate measurement.
  • Implementing de-duplicated conversion tracking and a custom attribution model.
  • Incorporating 3rd party ad-serving for enhanced technical execution.

The Process

Targeted Audience Engagement and Real-Time Measurement.

We focused on specific audience targeting and goal alignment, enabling real-time success measurement for the campaign.

Analysis & Audience Segmentation

Efficient Budget Use Across Campaigns.

Collaborating with each faculty allowed us to identify their specific audiences, minimising budget wastage across campaigns and media channels.

Pixel Tracking & Measurement

Optimising media channel performance.

Our strategy allowed precise measurement of each media channel’s effectiveness, seamlessly integrated with UTAS’s Google Analytics for real-time insights.

Faculty Friendly Ad Control

Customisable campaign management.

Our campaign design enabled varying levels of reporting and creative control to meet each faculty’s specific needs.

Cross Channel Digital Execution

Coordinated, responsive campaign management.

Lexlab’s in-house Melbourne team efficiently managed all required digital channels, ensuring quick response and stakeholder engagement.


  • Exceptional improvements in engagement and cost-efficiency.
  • 55% decrease in cost per ‘Apply Now’ click.
  • 350% increase in faculty landing page visits exceeding 3 minutes.
  • Over 1,500 social media interactions reflecting positive brand engagement.
  • More than 2 million new target audience members reached across various high-impact media channels.
  • Lexlab’s digital advertising expertise not only enhanced the University of Tasmania’s digital presence but also established it as a top-tier educational choice, both locally and in nearby states.


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